Who are Interested in Making the World Believe that There’s a Climate of Insecurity and Violence in Cuba?

Who are Interested in Making the World Believe that There’s a Climate of Insecurity and Violence in Cuba?
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17 February 2020
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The blockade causes shortages, consumption is affected, constant feelings of anxiety surface, counterrevolutionary means try to hook up people to hatred. We have been educated following principles of humanism and justice. Hatred is not edifying. Let's not be manipulated.

On Tuesday 11th, at 12:26 p.m., a message popped up in the Internet arousing the interest of thousands of people, an Internet user wrote on Facebook: «I just saw something shocking», and excitedly told the courageous and dignified acts of a Cuban police officer. "Alone, against an angry mob determined to lynch a rapist, she, with no more shield than her body, fulfilled the duty (...) to protect his life, so that justice be served upon him."

Right away, hundreds of people shared and commented favorably the message, and the video uploaded on his youtube channel, the youtuber Guerrero Cubano, which motivated the Internet's message.

In the message of Guerrero Cubano you could see the determined and just duty of our police force on February 8th, in Santiago de Cuba, abiding the law, carrying out the arrest of a person charged of committing an horrendous crime: the rape of a girl under eight years old, while a group attacked law enforcement officers who, despite the complex situation, never lost their cool and acted with utmost professionalism.

As events were developing began to appear on the networks summons to lynch, burn, destroy, to confront the police. Unscrupulous people, taking advantage of the pain of relatives, friends and neighbors of the victim, called to wreak chaos and accused the Cuban police and the Government of "protecting" the offender.

The crime, unusual in our Island, raised the indignation and anger of the people, in a country where respect for children is essential and not a slogan.

The calling to violence and disobedience using digital networks, messages that appear with a certain degree of synchronization, of articulation, in the main counterrevolution means cannot be a coincidence. They appear in the same media that supported the so-called "clandestine" who attempted to stain the immaculate image of the Apostle of Cuba, José Martí, the same "false democrats", the same mercenaries, seeking, from the manipulation of sensitivity in a case like this, drawing town people in acts against themselves.

The Mechanics of Chaos and Violence

The economic war against the Island is increasing, following the alternative of blaming the victim. As the unconventional warfare saying, one must try to "achieve the weird result that the victim not only remains silent without complaining, but ends up blaming himself of his misfortune and applauding the executioner."

The blockade causes shortages, consumption is affected, constant feelings of anxiety surface, counterrevolutionary means attempt to hook up people to hatred, lie to them, mobilize them, deftly pulling the strings of resentment to turn people into a time bomb.

The "path is paved" with the aim of causing great mental confusion, given the flood of facts, messages, fake news. "Citizens fall into a state of regression such that they cannot think rationally, nor protect their interests," say the CIA manuals. In that state many people are easily manipulated.

No wonder, the subversion plans during the Obama administration did not renounce to the economic war; on the contrary, the Genesis project, just to name an example, clearly explained that “the pressure on economy had to be rigorously kept, in order to force the Government to negotiate in disadvantaged positions»; it was a mixture of cultural seduction and economic asphyxiation.

During the presentation of the draft Resolution Need to End the Economic, Commercial and Financial Blockade imposed by the United States of America against Cuba, in New York, on November 7th, 2019, the Cuban Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, said: «In recent months, the Government of President Donald Trump has initiated an escalation in his aggression against Cuba, with the application of unconventional measures, to prevent the fuel supply to our country ... his objective, in addition to distress the economy, is to damage the standard of living of Cuban families. The United States Government is hereby responsible.

Around 187 actions between fines, sanctions, and measures against the Cuban people were taken in 2019 in order to generate suffering, dissatisfaction and the uprising against the Government, as overtly exposed in the Lester Mallory Memorandum in 1960, which proposes to raise disappointment and discouragement in the population to facilitate the overthrow of the Revolution.

They want us to run out of fuel for transportation, without propane to cook food, they want to paralyze the country, and affect the e very day life of the Cuban family to pull political concessions. They need a lot of hatred, they need fear, they need to nullify people's judgment so they act irrationally, to tear down their psychological defenses, to shatter their self-esteem.

Cuba has been the target of a systematic campaign of motivational influence, pure and hard psychological war, fabricated in the CIA’s laboratories, to build a mental state that leads people to act beyond all logic, that moves them to carry out aggressive actions, create a state of irrationality that can turn the human being into a beast and, in that state, scientifically handled, try to make that human being to do the action desired by the handler.

As the masterminds of the Guarimbas, the Ukrainian Euromaidan, the George Soros, and Gene Sharp, the "internationalist" boys of Otpor repeat over and over: the goal is to ensure that nothing remains but chaos.

The narrative of indignation to the service of imperial plans

In Bolivia, criminal gangs under the umbrella of the narrative of "popular outrage" due to alleged electoral fraud, took control of the cities, barricaded public roads in the style of Venezuelan guarimberos, torched institutions, made threats, committed murders, tortures in the streets and humiliated social and political leaders.

The way of carry out these actions is not exclusive to our region. In November 2019, Iran suffered a wave of violence that destroyed 730 banks, 70 fuel stations, 140 government buildings and more than 50 security forces bases.

The CIA was behind this perfectly elaborated script, starting by focusing the protests, the escalation of violence, and the use of recruiting criminals to attack the security forces.

In 2004, Srdja Popovic and Slobodan Dinovic, leaders of Otpor, created in Serbia the Center for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies (CANVAS), attractive and productive business financed by the US Government. The manual prepared by these gurus of the "soft coup" explains in its introduction that "we must generate small confrontations with the police and provoke the action of security forces."

The manual Nonviolent Struggle: 50 Crucial Points, became the "Bible" of seditious and terrorist movements in Arab and Latin America countries, as well as the manuals of Gene Sharp, Bob Helvey and Ackerman, pioneers on behalf of the CIA of this strategy, and its teachings have been applied against Venezuela, Iran, Ukraine, Syria, Bolivia, etc.

Genesis, an ideological political subversion project elaborated for Cuba, perfectly described this sort of scenario: «Once the intentions of the movement have been publicly declared, recruited the highly committed activists, move on to street actions that generate the repressive action of security forces, creating a state of ungovernability and chaos that justifies, always at the request of the Cuban people, the intervention of the United States.

What’s built on top of hatred cannot stand

Who are Interested in Making the World Believe that There’s a Climate of Insecurity and Violence in Cuba?: the machinery of hatred in Miami, the dirt producer, which is deeply anti-Martí, which is the same as saying anti-Cuban; that doesn’t know an essential principle of the Apostle, everything built on top of hatred cannot stand. Martí was a revolutionary without hatred, so he disagreed with "the barbarians who entrust everything to force and violence."

The Cuban national police acted in agreement with the law, in a country of laws that respects above all things the integrity of the detainee, a detainee who is not guilty until he is tried and convicted; they acted according to tradition learned from the founders of the nation, according to a Revolution that judged war criminals, murderers who committed heinous crimes, tortured and disappeared thousands of young Cubans; torturers under Batista ‘s command were not lynched, they were put to trial with all procedural guarantees. That's how we acted then and we'll always do it that way.

The culprit of such atrocious act will be tried and convicted, we have no doubt. We have been educated following principles of humanism and justice which are the essence of the "sun of the moral world" which we look upon. Hatred is not edifying. Let's not be manipulated.

Taken from Granma

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