Cuban president: The Revolution is a struggle for the future

Cuban president: The Revolution is a struggle for the future
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10 October 2019
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The Revolution is a struggle for the future of Cuba, stated Miguel Diaz-Canel today, on being elected and proclaimed President of the Republic of Cuba by the National Assembly of People's Power (ANPP).

Diaz-Canel's speech was largely addressed to Cuban youth, who represent the future of the nation, he said.

President Miguel Diaz-Canel thus offered his inauguration speech for a term of office through 2023, which could be renewed for another five years, according to the Constitution approved in April.

He reiterated his call to 'think as a country' as he denounced that the United States is intensifying its hostility and tightening the economic, financial and commercial blockade against the island.

He also referred to the current global situation, marked by what he described as Washington's illegality in its policy of punishing and subverting third countries.

He was explicit in condemning the attempt to overthrow the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela and in his support for the constitutional government of the South American nation.

Diaz-Canel rejected the use of the United Nations General Assembly platform to lie about Cuba and its humanitarian international medical cooperation, as well as to seek intervention, including military intervention, against other countries.

He criticized a world in which the judiciary is used to imprison progressive leaders and persecute social activists.

A world that alarms us all as we watch the Amazon burn, he emphasized.

The Cuban president pointed out that in the face of this reality, Cuba strengthens its defense and its economy. In this regard, he called to be more efficient, make savings and to increase exports of goods and services.

Diaz-Canel congratulated his compatriots today, the 151st anniversary of the beginning of Cuba's independence wars. October 10, 1868, was the first day of freedom, he stressed.

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