Ladies and Gentlemen: Adalberto Alvarez y su Son

Ladies and Gentlemen: Adalberto Alvarez y su Son
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11 February 2018
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The Record Label Bis Music releases De Cuba pa’l Mundo Entero, first track in the homonymous CD that Maestro Aldalberto Alvarez proposes to his followers.

This track is also promoted by a video directed by producer Alejandro Valera, and was shot at Havana’s Central Park in the last days of 2017. On February 9th, this video will be premiered online in the YouTube channel of the record label. Besides, the international release of the single will take place on March 2nd in different international platforms in charge of the digital marketing of songs.

De Cuba pa’l Mundo Enterobrings much of the excellence of Cuban dancing music, well represented and renewed by Adalberto y su Son. This is a long-awaited album for those followers of the Cuban music in the world, especially after Adalberto’s five years of inactivity. The full release of the album will occur in May.

Adalberto Alvarez is one of the Cuban musicians with greatest transcendence in the world. He is the author of iconic Latin songs such as Y que tu quieres que te den, Para bailar casino, El Toca Toca, among others. He was the founder, director, and pianist of the Cuban band Son 14 (1978), made up of important musicians who left their imprints in the quest for an own style of salsa and son —influenced by the work of other Latin American and Cuban musicians like Arsenio Rodriguez and Felix Chapotin.

He founded his current orchestra in 1984. Adalberto seeks to find new sound registers as he uses a sort of instrumental format that allows him to achieve a better rhythm, melody, and harmony. Audiences in Spain, Germany, Netherlands, and the US have given him standing ovations.

Several hits have been written by him as irrefutable proof that he is a dignified example of Cuban son. Famous artists or bands renowned worldwide such as Juan Luis Guerra, Charanga Casino, Wili Rosario, Oscar D’Leon, and Andy Montanez have versioned his songs. Adalberto has been given several national and international awards.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz/CubaSi Translation Staff

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