Is Trump Still “Sliding”?

Is Trump Still “Sliding”?
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30 May 2017
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News born in Washington keep alerting that the handling of his Administration is becoming more difficult.

Spanish agency EFE commented last Monday from Miami that the president returned to U.S. soil waging into the press.

His new excuse, what they have said on the chaos at the Executive Mansion related to the case Russia elections 2016.

EFE stressed that in his first day, after a trip through Europe and the Middle East that lasted over a week, Trump declared that his journey was a “huge success.”

In my opinion, “many of the leaks out of the White House are lies fabricated by the lying press.”

According to the report, while it his tour, the president could avoid the questions on what was unleashed in his absence.

For example, to the astonishment of many that his son-in-law and advisor, Jared Kushner, spoke with the Russian ambassador in the United States.

Also contrary to customary, the multimillionaire gave no press conferences during his trip.

But now, EFE said, Trump and his advisors are considering “shaking the White House.”

How? Rearranging the staff and creating a room of domestic crisis on the Russia that “consumes his presidency.”

Observers have notice in several occasions that the so-called Russian issue is completely, void of hard evidence.

According to these sources, on top of the measures they would add a team of lawyers to help defend the president of the investigation on the “Russian interference” in the 2016 elections.  

Another group of experts in communications - added EFE - would even revise and approve Trump’s controversial twits.

The come back of his former adviser of campaign, Corey Lewandoswski, and his second, David Bossie is very likely.  

In the case of the first one it must be noted that he was tossed aside by Trump on request of his son-in-law and children.

Another highly volatile ingredient in this scenario would be the testimony before Congress of former head of the FBI, James Comey.

The cause? The notes and memos left after his exchanges with Trump.

Afterwards Trump must face other “hairy” issues like the appointment of the new head of the FBI, the decision on the Paris Agreement related to the climate, the health law in the Senate, fight for its budget and add 8 400 more soldiers to Afghanistan.

“Many things to do and too many possible distractions”, commented EFE without masking the irony.

Other many in dissimilar circles shook hands when saying that they are witnessing a new and uncomfortable slide of Donald Trump.

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