Miami: Interview to Charlie Crist

Miami: Interview to Charlie Crist
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13 August 2014
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Charlie Crist, Democrat candidate to the offices of Governor of Florida, made unusual statements to Diario de las Américas.

It happened on Friday in Miami, and one of his paramount ISSUES was the present and future of the relationships between Washington and Havana.

When asked about this subject, he said “we have a wonderful economic opportunity”, both sides.

Therefore, he again highlighted one of the basic interests that publicly voices around the subject.

A special moment occurred when the former Florida governor (2007-2011) and current candidate to the job, reaffirmed his disapproval to the “embargo” against Cuba.

He rejects the embargo because it did not work, said the former Republican; i.e., the way they have implemented it.

Some weeks ago, Rep. Congress members Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Mario Díaz-Balart described Crist’s attitude as “shameful”.

However, a poll conducted at the University of Quinniplac, Conn. State, and released on April 30, positioned Crist at the top of the voters´ intention facing November.

Likewise, the newspaper Tampa Bay Times recently reported first that he is “analyzing the possibility to travel to Cuba this summer”.

Afterwards, he continued to answer the questions of Diario de las Americas’ journalists.

The journalists noted that Annette Taddeo, possible “vice president” and President of the Democratic Party in Miami-Dade, was with the candidate at the interview.

Crist also said during the dialogue that Florida was destined to be “the platform to foster trade relations between Cuba and the United States”.

From a political perspective, what are you planning to solve with a trip to Havana? The newspaper questioned.

Answer: getting to know the people is the main goal, as well as their expectations and the handicaps they are facing.

They are our closest neighbors, he added, and it is crystal-clear to me that the “embargo” is not working in favor of the people in the island”.

When asked about recent polls favoring the reconciliation of bilateral relations, he suggested such fact answered the question by itself.

Another question to Crist: Do you envisage Cuba, and China, as economic opportunities beyond political aspects?

His answer: I believe it is an extraordinary opportunity in that field.

His allegedly “vice”, Annette Taddeo, interrupted him to add: I have been Chairwoman of the Coalitionof Dade-County Chambers of Commerce. And we have been preparing for the day Miami, or South Florida feels ready to “do business with Cuba”.

Beyond any doubts, Taddeo highlighted, “All, including Cuban-Americans, are getting ready”.

She also believes the “embargo” policy is not working well. What´s more, she even encourages a healthy dialogue.

Cuba has no fear. And that is something the aged spokespeople from the extreme-right wing in Washington and Miami cannot be proud of.

Cubasi Translation Staff

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