Veracuz’s socialists to hold meeting with Cuba in Mexico City

Veracuz’s socialists to hold meeting with Cuba in Mexico City
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27 April 2023
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The Popular Socialist Party (PPS) of Veracruz on Tuesday ratified its participation in the 27th National Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba, to be held in Mexico City on April 29-30.

The PPS leaders support the Mexican Movement of Solidarity with Cuba, the event’s organizer, which will be held at the Vicente Lombardo Toledano Workers University in the capital’s historic center, with Cuban Hero Ramón Labañino as a guest of honor.

From Xalapa, capital of Veracruz State, on the occasion of the working tour of Idania Ramos, an official from the Cuban Institute for Friendship with Peoples, the PPS highlighted in a press release the noble and patriotic task to promote the activities around the main annual event of the Mexican movement.

It points out that the socialists will be present in the struggle, as they did in Xalapa a year ago, accompanying the activities that led to the success of that event.

We knew of the severe problems caused by the US inhuman and criminal blockade against Cuba and the economic sanctions with their consequences for the Cuban people, aggravated by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

It reaffirms that Cuba and its Revolution have the support of the Popular Socialist Party and, as is known, millions of Mexicans demand an end to the US Government blockade on Cuba, as 185 nations have been demanding at the United Nations.


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