Venezuela denounces presence of fugitive criminals in Colombia

Venezuela denounces presence of fugitive criminals in Colombia
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4 August 2021
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President Nicolas Maduro denounced the presence in Colombia of criminal elements currently requested by the Venezuelan justice for belonging to criminal structures that operated in Caracas' southwestern region.

During a public address, the Venezuelan head of State asserted that the members of those urban gangs would seek protection in the neighboring country, 'where they are received by the paramilitary groups,' he emphasized.

According to press reports, Colombian police authorities stated to have information on the whereabouts of criminals from the Cota 905 sector in Caracas, who are allegedly refugees in the border city of Cucuta.

In early July, the Venezuelan security agencies deployed thousands of troops in Caracas' southwestern area in an operation aimed at dismantling organized crime structures responsible for terrorist attacks against the population and the State.

The destabilizing plans included new assassination attempts against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro using drones and snipers during the commemorative events held on June 22 in Carabobo and July 5 in Caracas, respectively.

According to the Venezuelan Government, Colombia lent its territory to plan actions such as the drone attack against President Nicolas Maduro on August 4, 2018, or the frustrated Operation Gideon on May 3, 2020, also aimed at executing assassination and coup d'Etat in Venezuela.


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