Venezuela and Colombia resume the path of peace and brotherhood

Venezuela and Colombia resume the path of peace and brotherhood
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29 August 2022
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Caracas, Aug 29 (Prensa Latina) After a three-year break in diplomatic relations, the Venezuelan and Colombian governments on Monday formalized bilateral political and diplomatic relations, thus opening the hope of peace and brotherhood between the two countries.

In a ceremony at the Simón Bolívar Hall of the Government Palace, President Nicolás Maduro -dressed up in white- welcomed the Colombian diplomat Armando Benedetti, with whom he had a brief talk with obvious signs of happiness.

During the brotherly dialogue, both sides debated on the importance of resuming friendship ties in an organized manner, in order for the diplomatic reestablishment process to be a complete success.

With a strong handshake, in vindication of the unity dreamed by the heroes, Maduro and Benedetti favored the reunion between Caracas and Bogota.

Maduro gave the Colombian diplomat a Simón Bolívar portrait and in reciprocity he received a vueltiao hat, typical of the Colombian Caribbean savannahs.

Earlier, the Minister of People’s Power for Foreign Affairs Carlos Faría received the style copies of the new Colombian ambassador “with the hope of raising again the flags of solidarity, peace and understanding”, he posted on Twitter.

The arrival of the newly appointed ambassador here by Colombian President Gustavo Petro opens a new chapter in the history of relations between the two neighboring nations, which broke off their political and diplomatic ties in February 2019.

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