UK lifts quarantine for travelers from Cuba

UK lifts quarantine for travelers from Cuba
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28 August 2020
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The UK government announced on Thursday the lifting of the mandatory quarantine for travelers entering the country from Cuba, after assessing the situation of the Covid-19 pandemic on the Caribbean country.

'The data show that we can add Cuba to the list of countries included in the travel corridors,' reported on Friday the British Minister of Transport Grant Shapps on Twitter.

The lifting of the 14-day quarantine for passengers from Cuba, where so far only 3,806 Covid-19 cases and 92 deaths have been recorded, will be in force from Saturday's early hours.

The minister clarified; however, that as with the rest of the countries included in the known airlift, travelers must be vigilant, because things, he said, can change quickly.

Shapps also announced that starting at 04:00 local time (03:00 GMT) on Saturday, all travelers entering the country from Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Jamaica will have to be under a mandatory two-week quarantine, or a penalty to be fined 100 pounds (about 130 dollars).

According to the head of Transport, the decision to add or remove a country from the list of exempt from quarantine is taken from the study carried out by the Joint Center for Biosafety on the prevalence of Covid-19 cases in each nation.

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