Summoned in Miami a New Caravan Against the Blockade on Cuba

Summoned in Miami a New Caravan Against the Blockade on Cuba
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17 June 2021
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The Cuban and Latin American emigration organizations that make up the Alianza Martiana Coalition in Miami: the Antonio Maceo Brigade; the Alianza Martiana –as an individual organization-; the José Martí Cultural Association; the Bolivarian Circle of Miami, Negra Hipólita; the Women's Association; and Radio Miami, accompanied again on this occasion by our fraternal organizations Fornorm and PazAmor join the call for a new Caravan against the Blockade organized by Caravana for the Cuban Family and in Favor of the Lifting of the Blockade.


This is the Caravan against Blockade number 12 that takes place in Miami. The most recent, held last month, featured the participation of 98 cars and 13 bicycles and was rated by participants as a huge success.


The summoning, for next Sunday, takes place on a very special occasion. On Wednesday, June 23rd, the UN General Assembly will vote once again on the annual Resolution to End the Blockade Against Cuba, this time postponed by the pandemic since October 2020. On all occasions it has been approved overwhelmingly, for the past few years practically unanimously.


According to a press release from organizers, the participants will demonstrate once again their support for the Cuban people against this genocidal measure that has done so much damage during the decades of its long existence.


Likewise, organizers have called to collect funds to buy and send syringes to Cuba to vaccinate the Cuban people.

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