Strange living organism detected near Saint Croix, Virgin Islands

Strange living organism detected near Saint Croix, Virgin Islands
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6 September 2022
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Washington, Sep 6 (Prensa Latina) The United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported today that a strange blue living organism was detected at a depth of 411 meters near Saint Croix Island, part of U.S. Virgin Islands in the Caribbean.

It appeared to be a blue goo, researchers participating in the Voyage to the Ridge expedition said during the eighth dive.

Experts suspect this extraterrestrial-looking organism could be a soft coral, a tunicate – a type of marine invertebrate – or a sponge.

The experts also reported the discovery of an unusual species of sea urchin that lives in the Caribbean seabed, mainly in the region near the Bahamas, at a depth of 277 to 540 meters.

During the dive, according to the Russia Today site, researchers also found a group of almost 35 specimens of sea urchin, Conolampas sigsbei, which was apparently in the middle of mating.

Meanwhile, urchins found in shallower waters have long, pointed spines, but these structures in the types of Conolampas found at the bottom of the sea are much shorter and appear to be a kind of hair.

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