Over a thousand people die in Spain due to heat

Over a thousand people die in Spain due to heat
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21 July 2022
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Madrid, Jul 21 (Prensa Latina) The deaths in Spain as a result of the recent heat wave numbered 1,047 people, according to Carlos 3rd Health Institute.

The source reported that the highest amount of people died on Monday and Tuesday, for a total of 184. Deaths went on a rising trend during the week: 15 on Sunday, July 10th; 28 on Monday, 41 on Tuesday, 60 on Wednesday, 93 on Thursday, 123 on Friday and 150 on Saturday.

The statistics were offered by the Daily Mortality Monitoring System of Carlos 3rd Health Institute, which indicated that deaths rose to 169 on Sunday.

Among the deaths there are 672 people over 85 years of age; 241 between 75 and 84, and another 88 were in a group between 65 and 74 years.

The intense heat in Spain has had other consequences such as more than 40 wildfires that have devastated over 60,000 hectares of forest land.

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