More than five million euros raised from Cuban cigars

More than five million euros raised from Cuban cigars
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29 June 2024
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Authorities from Cuba's tobacco sector informed that 5.15 million euros had been raised at an auction of Havana cigars in London.

A statement from the Habanos S.A. corporation published in Havana on Friday added that it was a successful presentation of Cuban products in the United Kingdom on June 27, at the first face-to-face Habanos World Days, when a gala in honor of the 55th anniversary of Cuba’s Premium cigar brand Trinidad was held, the official press release says.

During the ceremony, one of the brand’s great novelties, the Trinidad Cabildos Premier Limited Edition, was launched for the first time in the world, and 5.15 million euros were raised in an auction of five exclusive humidors.

The first face-to-face edition of the Habanos World Days, organized by Habanos, S.A. and its exclusive distributor in the United Kingdom, Hunters & Frankau, concluded with a historic Gala Dinner attended by 400 guests from all over the world.

The event was held at London’s iconic Victoria & Albert Museum, a unique venue for a memorable and symbolically charged event where Havana cigar aficionados could honor the rich heritage and excellence of the prestigious Trinidad brand on its 55th anniversary.

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