At least 1,500 deaths due to heat wave in Europe

At least 1,500 deaths due to heat wave in Europe
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19 July 2022
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Madrid, July 19 (RHC)-- Europe reports at least 1,500 deaths and several fires due to the second heat wave recorded in the continent in the month of July.  Between July 10 and 16, the Carlos III Health Institute (ISCIII), dependent on the Spanish Ministry of Health, reported an estimated 510 deaths due to the heat wave, of which 150 belonged to the 16th.

On the other hand, the Portuguese Ministry of Health reported on July 16 that 659 people, mostly elderly, died in seven days of the heat wave.

For France, the fires are also a matter of concern, together with the declaration of red alert in fifteen departments on the Atlantic side and the temperature records that have reached 35.8 degrees Celsius.

Meanwhile, the UK Meteorological Office (Met) declared the country on red alert on Monday after forecasting temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius.

The latter two nations are experiencing the highest temperatures, while in Portugal and Spain firefighters are battling several fires.

Incidentally, Portugal's National Authority for Emergencies and Civil Protection (ANEPC) reported four fires in the center and north of the country that are being fought by around 800 firefighters.

The climate crisis is also a fact for countries such as Italy, which is facing the worst drought in seventy years, and Hungary, Croatia and the island of Crete in Greece, which is also fighting fires.

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