La Cruz won and Andy lost in Rotterdam boxing match

La Cruz won and Andy lost in Rotterdam boxing match
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15 November 2021
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Havana, November 15 (JIT)-- Cuban two-time Olympic champion Julio Cesar la Cruz defeated Ecuador's 2019 universal runner-up Julio Castillo in a boxing event that included a surprising setback for Andy Cruz.

In Rotterdam, Netherlands, the five-time world champion defeated the South American as part of the World Port Boxing event, whose program was readjusted due to restrictions associated with the prevention of covid-19.

The situation ended up limiting the presentations of Rolando Acebal's students to four, and La Cruz (92 kg) took advantage of his to close smoothly a season in which he won all the prizes he tried to win.

The other winners were the also consecrated Roniel Iglesias (71) and that revelation that responds to the name of Joenlis Hernandez (75), victims of the local Tony Jas and Cas Van Peer in clearly dominated bouts.

The unexpected came with the verdict against Andy, who according to the media stepped into the ring in the 67 kg division, started the fight overconfident and gave in two of the three rounds.

Other witnesses of the fight considered the judges' decision unfair in favor of the host idol, but the fact is that the outcome catapulted his popularity among the lovers of that sport there.

Cuba was going to rely on the eight men it entered in the World Championship won in Belgrade, but last-minute health regulations forced the organizers to dispense with one of the two dates and limit the number of fights.

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