Homeopathic therapy achieves scientific award in Cuban central province

Homeopathic therapy achieves scientific award in Cuban central province
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16 January 2023
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CIEGO DE AVILA, Cuba, Jan 16 (ACN) The research project Natural therapy with the homeopathic product Giardinum 30 CH in adults with urticarial syndrome due to giardiasis, was awarded one of the provincial prizes of the Academy of Sciences and Technological Innovation 2022 in Ciego de Avila, due to its encouraging results.

This treatment had only been carried out in the province in the pediatric population with gastroenterological affections, but as the presence of adults in that consultation was reiterative, it was decided to carry out the study in 30 patients with urticaria due to giardiasis.

Dr. Yelec Estrada Guerra, one of the researchers, said exclusively to the Cuban News Agency that during one month they administered the drug to that population, of which six did not respond to the treatment and it was necessary to apply it for another 30 days.

The project is currently being extended to the population of an area that is attended by an integral general practitioner of a family doctor's office in the capital city, Estrada Guerra pointed out.

We expect good results in this research, which would further confirm the effectiveness of Giardinum as an alternative in view of the country's difficulty in acquiring nitroimidazoles such as metronidazole, secnidazole and tinidazole, the doctor added.
Homeopathic therapeutics is a system conceived in the late 18th century by Samuel Hahnemann.

His masterpiece published in 1810 is known as the Organon, in which the organism is considered as an integrated whole from which none of the parts can be separated, since the totality of the group of symptoms gives the real image of the disease.

In 1992, the Cuban ministry of public health decided to incorporate homeopathy to the so-called "alternative therapeutics", since it uses substances of organic origin, minerals and vegetables to boost the body's immune defenses.

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