El Público to bring its Prodigious Shoemaker's Wife to Camaguey

El Público to bring its Prodigious Shoemaker's Wife to Camaguey
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10 March 2023
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The season of the Prodigious Shoemaker's Wife —play directed by Carlos Díaz from the text of Federico García Lorca— is still being staged at the Trianon Hall these days. The relationship between El Público Teatro with the Spanish playwright is a long one, full of unexpected events. But every time the company and its director embrace Lorca’s work, they do it filled with devotion and enthusiasm. And this is the case.

This play is the proposal of the company for the upcoming Ciudad Teatral Day, to be held in Camaguey from March 17. Theater-goers from that city will witness a group of young people, most of them recently graduated from the art educational system in the country, who assume Lorca with rigor, but adding notes of the so-called Cuban colorful tradition.

In Carlos Díaz’s version of the play, the Shoemaker’s Wife multiplies in several interpretations in the same staging. And, as usual in Carlos Díaz — National Theater Award-winner —, there are constant mentions to the here-and-now he perfectly recreates with humor and wisdom.

It will be a top-quality staging in a great venue of the Cuban theater.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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