In eBird more than 400 species of birds reported from Cuba

In eBird more than 400 species of birds reported from Cuba
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27 December 2023
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More than 400 species of birds were reported from Cuba on the international platform eBird, a real-time database specialized in observations on the abundance and distribution of birds on the planet.

The information was offered by Nils Navarro, general coordinator of the I National Bird Identification Workshop for Local Observation Leaders, reported the newspaper Cinco de Septiembre.

Amateurs, photographers, protected area workers and researchers participated in the event, which took place in the Cuban province of Holguín, with the aim of acquiring new skills in the identification and use of the eBird platform, among other topics.

According to the professor at the University of Havana, Freddy Cámara, who ventured into the topic along with other authors with a thesis that addresses birds from the perspective of ecological tourism, between 20 and 40 percent of international tourists come to Cuba interested in appreciating some of the forms of wildlife.


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