Dominican film Hotel Coopelia arrives at the Havana festival

Dominican film Hotel Coopelia arrives at the Havana festival
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10 December 2020
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The film Hotel Coopelia, a story of determined women, by Dominican director José María Cabral, stands out today at the 42nd Festival of New Latin American Cinema, which runs in this capital until the 13th.

The film, included in the Latin American Panorama section of the film event, is inspired in the true story of five women who fought to protect their beliefs and rights in the context of the 1965 Dominican Civil War.

According to Cabral, the film was challenging by focusing on a story about marginalized groups that resisted the abuse of power during a crucial historical event in the Dominican Republic.

The filmmaker took on the project to publicize the history of these anonymous women who, regardless their social origin and economic difficulties, fought in the aforementioned conflict but are not duly recognized.

'(…) People know about the heroes who fought in the war through documentaries and textbooks, but few know the terrible struggle of many anonymous women who, despite their social and economic conditions, questioned authority and fought for their freedom, Cabral said during an interview.

Hotel Coopelia features performances in the leading roles of Nashla Bogaert, Lumy Lizardo, Cyndie Lundi, Nick Searcy, and Cuban Jazz Vilá, who assumes a female role in the delivery.

The film will be screened at the Acapulco cinema today at 6:00 p.m. local time and on the 12th in the Riviera room, both in this capital.

In other venues and times, lovers of the seventh art can enjoy the feature films La Dose (Argentina), Vale la voz (Germany-France), La Cisterna (Brazil), among others.

The 42nd Festival of the New Latin American Cinema exhibits a selection of the most current contemporary audiovisual production in the region and other parts of the world.


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