Díaz-Canel says we are still called upon to put our hearts into Cuba

Díaz-Canel says we are still called upon to put our hearts into Cuba
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1 May 2023
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Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel said today that even though the activities for International Workers' Day are postponed, the call to put hands and heart into the Homeland continues.

On his Twitter account, the president referred to the postponement of the actions planned to celebrate May 1, due to the heavy rains that affected a good part of the country this Sunday.

"We are not canceling the celebration.  We are postponing it until Friday, the 5th.  We are still summoned to put #ALaPatriaManosYCorazón," he wrote on the social network.

The Cuban Workers' Central informed this day the postponement of the commemorative activities for May 1, due to the weather instability that caused heavy rainfall in different localities of the island.

In a note released by local television, the organization that groups all the country's trade unions pointed out that in those places where weather conditions permit, the planned cultural and recreational activities will be carried out.

It also specifies that, in accordance with the legislation in force, the labor recess will be maintained for this Monday.

On May 5, the workers of the country, simultaneously, will be able to carry out the parades and rallies that traditionally take place to celebrate the date, adds the communiqué.

More than a thousand guests from different parts of the world are in Cuba to participate in the activities for International Workers' Day, which have been taking place since April 26.

Solidarity, the struggle against the U.S. economic, commercial and financial blockade and the demand for the elimination of the Caribbean nation from the list of countries that allegedly sponsor terrorism, are the main motivations of the actions called for these days on the island.

Among them is the International Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba and Anti-imperialism 200 years after the Monroe Doctrine, scheduled for May 2 at the Havana Convention Palace.

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