Diaz-Canel evaluates Pinar del Rio's development strategies

Diaz-Canel evaluates Pinar del Rio's development strategies
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13 May 2023
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Miguel Díaz-Canel, First Secretary of the Party's Central Committee and President of the Republic, evaluates today in Pinar del Río the strategies adopted last January to face the country's current economic situation and promote the development of the province, for the welfare of the population.

Accompanied by Manuel Marrero Cruz, Prime Minister of Cuba, and Roberto Morales Ojeda, Secretary of Organization of the Central Committee of the PCC, he analyzes the 166 commitments made four months ago, which include 12 strategic lines.

This Saturday they will discuss food production, vital to overcome the obstacles imposed by the US economic and commercial blockade of Cuba and to improve the quality of life of the people of Pinar del Río.

In addition, the dialogue will focus on the strengthening of local productive systems; social programs and the recovery of the damage caused by Hurricane Ian to the territory's housing fund; among other issues.

On January 12, the Cuban president indicated that the first thing to be developed in the province is agriculture, while he insisted on the possibilities to increase the production of goods and services in the current calendar.

On that occasion, he urged to think about how to innovate from knowledge and not to stop in the face of difficulties, to improve prospects and create a productive and thinking base for development. 

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