Cuban VP Calls for Agricultural Efficiency

Cuban VP Calls for Agricultural Efficiency
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5 August 2023
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Cuban Vice President Salvador Valdés toured areas of agricultural and social development in this western province, which contributes most to the food balance in the Cuban capital.

The vice president began the visit on Thursday at the agricultural and livestock camp “Vida asistida,” Quisicuaba, in San Antonio de los Baños, one of 30 programs implemented by the institution.

There he was updated about the project, which provides better care for people in vulnerable situations by creating conditions for housing, food and healthcare services.

According to a national television report, Valdés called to exploit efficiently the land available to the camp, which is also supported by the solidarity cooperation of friends of Cuba abroad.

At a meeting with camp members, it was learned that some tractors, fertilizers and containers of medicine for this and other social plans of Cuba will arrive at “Vida asistida, Quisicuaba” soon.

Valdés, who is also member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of Cuba and was accompanied by Artemisa Governor Ricardo Concepción, toured the agricultural collection and processing company Lázaro Peña, which is not exactly going through a good moment in its economic indicators.

The vice president of the Republic called to make the change required by the socialist state enterprise, for which its workers and managers need to acquire economic and legal culture in search of the desired efficiency, he said.

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