Cuban medical brigade in Italy thanks for displays of affection

Cuban medical brigade in Italy thanks for displays of affection
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4 April 2020
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Dr. Carlos Perez, head of the medical brigade sent by Cuba to help Italy face the Covid-19 pandemic, expressed his gratitude on Friday for the repeated displays of recognition and affection since his arrival in this country.

In a telephone conversation with Prensa Latina, the specialist in Internal Medicine, who is the director of the Joaquin Albarran Clinical-Surgical Hospital in Havana, referred to the gestures of gratitude and affection received by the collaborators in Crema, a city of some 34,000 inhabitants in the Lombardy region, where they work.

The 36 doctors, 15 nursing graduates and a logistics specialist work in a newly built field hospital on the grounds of the town's main hospital. The patients' families reached the place with multiple shows of recognition, Perez says.

In this sense, he cited messages of encouragement and appreciation such as the one given the day before by the gastronomic company that supplies the food to the hospital institution, which offered them a lunch, with cake incorporated, which they enjoyed by taking the indicated epidemiological safety measures.

The Secretary of Culture and Tourism of the municipal government of Crema, Emanuela Nichetti, the General Consul of Cuba in the city of Milan, Llanio Gonzalez, and relatives of patients, among others, also participated in the event.

In another gesture of gratitude, those present joined the initiative of the Cuban people and from that place where the new coronavirus epidemic is hitting hard, they gave a heartfelt and prolonged applause to the health workers who are fighting the pandemic.

On the other hand, the head of the brigade stressed the good relations that exist with the Italian colleagues with whom they work together, in harmony and with a great desire to support them.

Finally, he stated that all the members of the brigade are well, with a high spirit and disposition to successfully accomplish the task entrusted to them.

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