Cuban institutions create specialized group of war correspondents

Cuban institutions create specialized group of war correspondents
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14 June 2024
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With the aim of recognizing and paying tribute to the professionals of the press who performed that risky value, members of the Cuban Journalists Association (UPEC by its Spanish acronym) and representatives of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR) constituted in Havana, the specialized group of war correspondents.

In a ceremony held at the Jose Marti Memorial in Havana, those present, with a large representation of war correspondents, laid a wreath in honor of the National Hero and proceeded to the opening of the group, which is an agreement of the 11th Congress of the UPEC.

Addressing the audience, Colonel Gustavo Robleño Diaz, from the Directorate of Military Intelligence, highlighted this moment as an example of justice that will help to understand where the profession comes from and where it is going.

He made special reference to the media manipulation in the current war scenarios and the importance of war correspondents to bring clarity to the facts from the field and refute the lies.

Roger Ricardo Luis, part of the organizing committee of the group, stated its objectives in the rescue of the history of war correspondents in the most recent Cuban journalism and to expand its knowledge as an activity of patriotic formation of the new generations.

At the meeting, among other agreements, it was approved the direction of the group, with colleague Milton Diaz Canter at its head and Perfecto Romero Ramirez as honorary president, as well as the proposal to dedicate a significant day to the commemoration of the Cuban war correspondent.

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