Cuban health authorities report 96 new Covid-19 cases

Cuban health authorities report 96 new Covid-19 cases
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15 December 2020
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The Cuban Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) reported on Tuesday that 96 people tested positive in last hours.
Cuba´s laboratories carried out 10,565 tests, and now the country accumulates 1,272,319 tests already made. From March to date, 9,588 cases have been detected.

Of the total number of cases (96): 57 were contacts of confirmed cases, 37 imported and two without specifying where they were infected.

76 people asymptomatic when the test was carried out.

At this time, 857 people are infected with Covid-19, 847 of them have a stable clinical progress.

ICU workers are currently fighting to save two critically-ill patients´life and eight in serious condition.

MINSAP confirmed that 108 people were discharged, so the total toll of recoveries amounted to 8,592.

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