Cuban foreign minister calls nuclear disarmament a top priority

Cuban foreign minister calls nuclear disarmament a top priority
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5 June 2024
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Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez stressed on Tuesday that nuclear disarmament must be a top priority, and warned about the consequences of not taking action in this area.

The head of Cuban diplomacy wrote on X that there are 12,512 nuclear weapons in the world, 9,576 of which are ready for immediate use.

Rodriguez warned that as long as these weapons exist, humankind and the planet will be under the intolerable risk of its catastrophic consequences.

At several international forums, Cuba has expressed the urgent need to eliminate this type of armament.

It has also called on the states that possess such weapons to assume their primary responsibility to achieve nuclear disarmament in a transparent, verifiable and irreversible manner within a defined period.

Cuba signed the treaties on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons; Non-Proliferation; Tlatelolco; and the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban.

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