Cuban foreign minister affirms that Cuba has absolute commitment against terrorism

Cuban foreign minister affirms that Cuba has absolute commitment against terrorism
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1 June 2020
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Havana, June 1 (RHC)-- Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez stated this Monday that his country has an absolute and categorical commitment to act vigorously and condemn terrorism.  "There are plenty of reasons to doubt that the U.S. government can make such a categorical statement about its position on this scourge," Bruno Rodríguez said on his Twitter account.

In a statement published on Monday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that as a country that has been a victim of terrorism, Cuba deplores any manipulation and political opportunism in dealing with such a sensitive issue.

Thus, the Foreign Ministry rejected its inclusion on the list of countries that "do not cooperate" with the anti-terrorist efforts of the United States due to the presence of members of the National Liberation Army (ELN), while reiterating its support for Colombian peace.

The U.S. accusation of the ELN's presence is flimsy and dishonest, "meaningless and facilitated by the ungrateful attitude of the Colombian government."

The Foreign Ministry stressed that Cuba invariably maintains its support for the peace of the South American nation as guarantor and venue for the peace process with the ELN and previously with the former Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People's Army (FARC-EP).

This list of countries, released by the State Department on May 13th, is unilateral, arbitrary and without any basis, authority or international support, reiterated the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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