Cuban doctors seek alternatives against US blockade

Cuban doctors seek alternatives against US blockade
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3 November 2022
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Camagüey, Cuba, Nov 3 (Prensa Latina) Cuba received overwhelming support from the international community again on Thursday in its fight against the blockade imposed by the United States, whose obstacles do not stop medical professionals in this Cuban region.

amagüey, which has one of the largest hospital infrastructures in the country, is affected by the attacks of Washington’s hostile policy.

In Cuba’s third most populated city, care for patients suffering from cancer is especially difficult.

According to information from the Department of Non-Communicable Diseases in the province to the website of Cadena Agramonte Digital, the number of people who lack medicines for the ideal treatment of cancer is growing.

What is euphemistically called an embargo “severely impacts the timely diagnosis and the administration of the different lines of treatment required by people affected by this disease.”

Particularly at the local Marie Curie Oncologic Hospital, the US measures prevent providing ultrasound, mammography, radiography and axial tomography services.

Andrés Estrada, imaging specialist and assistant professor at the hospital told the local media, “The US blockade has a direct impact on medical care, since many patients cannot undergo the necessary studies to detect the different cancer lesions.”

However, technical orthopedics specialists from this city also counteract the US iron blockade against Cuba by guaranteeing prostheses and other necessary accessories for people with disabilities.

“We have been able to exceed a plan of nearly 200 prostheses, and in times when it is almost impossible for us to import materials, we return the smile to patients who benefit from our inventions,” Elvin Zamora, deputy director of the specialty laboratory in Camagüey, said.

Bandages, slings, knee pads, girdles and various models are intended for the treatment of patients from the provinces of Camagüey, Las Tunas, Holguin.

“In addition, we enable and facilitate the success of surgeries in various hospitals in this region of the country,” Zamora pointed out. In constant search for alternatives, Cuban physicians try to bring the best to improve the quality of life of Cubans.

Although the blockade has been in place for more than 60 years, nothing stops the Cuban doctors who even go further and offer their help, examples such as the internationally recognized Henry Reeve Brigade, shed light on the meaning of the Cuban Revolution.

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