Cuba will Host International Agroforestry Convention

Cuba will Host International Agroforestry Convention
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27 August 2022
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The director of the Agroforestry Research Institute (INAF), Pedro Pablo Henry, highlighted that the VIII Forestry Congress of Cuba, the IV International Congress of Coffee and Cocoa, the VIII International Meeting of Young Researchers and the VII Cuban Congress of Beekeeping will meet as part of the event.


Henry pointed out that for four days the event’s agenda will occupy the link between forests and society, biodiversity and ecosystem services, climate change, production, as well as the interactions of forests and water and sustainable production technologies. agricultural.


Similarly, the director of the INAF highlighted that the integrated management of soils and nutrients, agroforestry activity facing the challenges to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the quality, benefit and by-products of coffee and cocoa will be discussed. and the improvement and breeding of bees.


Henry stressed that the convention will be an opportune moment to exchange endorsed scientific experiences that directly affect the increase in productive activity.


The director of the INAF reported that the presence of about 400 participants is estimated, and that to date specialists from Italy, Peru, Panama, Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador have confirmed.

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