Cuba thanks Europe for its support against the US blockade

Cuba thanks Europe for its support against the US blockade
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19 June 2021
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Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez thanked on Saturday expressions of solidarity with his country and rejection of the US blockade through a virtual meeting held in Europe.

The foreign minister used Twitter to sent his greetings to the 15th Meeting of Cubans residing in European countries, and ratified his gratitude for the support provided to help the island fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

On this day, participants at the meeting repudiated the economic, commercial and financial hostility Washington has followed against the neighboring island for 60 years and demanded the immediate cessation of that policy.

In the forum's final declaration, they described that policy as criminal and denounced that the 243 measures dictated by the Donald Trump administration (2017-2021) to intensify it are still in force; the administration of Joe Biden has done nothing despite the health crisis and its consequences.

Likewise, they rejected the inclusion of Cuba in the unilateral list of the White House on the alleged countries sponsoring terrorism, and recalled that it has been the Caribbean nation the greatest victim of that scourge by actions promoted, organized and financed from northern soil.

In almost six decades, the damages caused by the blockade amount to 147,853 million dollars, although 'the human damages, suffering and shortages caused to Cuban families are incalculable', the foreign minister pointed out in another tweet.


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