Cuba ratifies its commitment to its socialist development model

Cuba ratifies its commitment to its socialist development model
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19 April 2021
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Photo: ACN / Ariel Ley

Cuba ratified on Sunday its commitment to build a socialist society with the vision of a sovereign, independent, democratic, prosperous, and sustainable nation.

This was confirmed by a resolution approved at the 8th Congress of the Communist Party (PCC), which updated the Conceptualization of the Cuban economic and social model of socialist development.

It was proposed by a commission of delegates headed by Prime Minister Manuel Marrero, which underlined the coherence of such purpose with the foundations of the new Constitution of the Caribbean nation.

The updated Conceptualization ratifies that Cuban society is in the historical period of the construction of socialism.

Among the fundamental principles of the Cuban model, the human being stands out as the main objective and protagonist subject.

It also describes the socialist property of all the people over the fundamental means of production as the primary form of the socioeconomic system.

Simultaneously, it recognizes and calls for the diversification of the different forms of property and management, adequately interrelated.

The document urges the improvement of the Planned Management System of Economic and Social Development and of the State as the guiding, coordinating, and regulating agent of all stakeholders.

It emphasizes the decentralization of powers to territorial levels, emphasizing the municipality as a fundamental instance.

Emphasizes the role of scientific and technological innovation for the economic and social development of the country.

It emphasizes that the 'Socialist State of Law and Social Justice is the guarantor of equality of duties and rights, which ensures that no person is left helpless'.

The resolution reaffirms the leading role of the PCC  as the unique organized vanguard of the Cuban nation.

It considers that the PCC is an expression of the unity of Cubans around the leadership of the Revolution.

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