Cuba to participate in 20th IPC General Assembly

Cuba to participate in 20th IPC General Assembly
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10 December 2021
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Havana, December 10 (JIT) -- The main authorities of the Cuban Paralympic Committee (CPC) will take part this weekend in the 20th General Assembly of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), which will be held online due to the restrictions still imposed by COVID-19.

Alberto Juantorena Danger and Oscar Beltrán, president and secretary general of the IPC, respectively, will follow the event through an Internet platform from the early hours of the morning of December 11 and 12.

A broad agenda will be assessed by the Assembly, although the climax will be the election of the president, the vice-president and the 10 members of the executive.

There are 25 candidates presented to the Sunday elections, although only one for president, one for vice-president and the rest for members.

IPC's current senior officers, Andrew Parsons and Duane Kale, are the only candidates for president and vice president, in that order. To be re-elected, both must obtain 50% plus one of the votes.

No Cubans appear on the list of candidates, among which only one Latin American, Colombian Juan Pablo Salazar, is on the list.   


For President

. Andrew Parsons (Brazil; nominated by CPN/ International Equestrian Sports Federation/ International Table Tennis Federation/ International Wheelchair and Amputee Sports Federation/ World Archery).

For Vice President

. Duane Kale (New Zealand, NPC).

For members

. Debra Alexander (South Africa, World Triathlon) .

. Mohamed Alhameli (UAE, CPN) .

. Jai-Jun Chung (South Korea, NPC) .

. Leonel da Rocha Pinto (Angola, NOC) .

. Muffy Davis (United States, NOC) .

. Chelsey Gotell (Canada, CPN) .

. Khatab Hayat (Egypt, CPN) .

. Sabrina Ibanez (Switzerland, FEI) .

. Duane Kale (New Zealand, CPN) .

. Tanja Kari (Finland, CPN) .

. Miki Matheson (Japan, CPN) .

. Luca Pancalli (Italy, CPN) .

. John Petersson (Denmark, CPN)

. Juan Pablo Salazar (Colombia, CPN) .

. Karl Quade (Germany, NOC)

. Majid Rashed (UAE, Asian Paralympic Committee) .

. Ehud Rassabi (Israel, NPC) . 

. Tim Reddish (Great Britain, NPC) .

. Imran Jamil Shami (Pakistan, CPN) .

. Gursharan Singh (India, CPN) .

. Robyn Smith (Australia, Virtus)

. László Szabó (Hungary, NPC) .

. Esther Vergeer (Netherlands, NPC) .

. Jianmin Zhou (China, NPC) . 

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