Cuba maintains development goals despite U.S. hostility

Cuba maintains development goals despite U.S. hostility
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21 May 2021
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Cuban Economy Minister Alejandro Gil reiterated today that the country maintains its growth projection for 2021 at around 6.0 percent, despite the hostility of the United States.

During a press conference to assess the national economy's performance during the first quarter of the year, he stressed that Cuba would not give up its development goals, nor will it adopt neoliberal measures or shock therapies in the face of the current complex situation.

Among the country's priorities, he listed the improvement of state enterprises, the expansion of self-employment (private sector), food production, diversification of exports, and implementing the so-called Ordering Task, a process described by the government as complex and not lacking in difficulties and challenges.

In this context, he indicated that although the revival of tourism in the short term is uncertain, a key aspect for economic recovery, alternatives are being sought to fulfill the National Economic-Social Development Plan until 2030.

He also reiterated that the country prioritizes the development of a socialist state enterprise with greater autonomy and self-management and its linkage with the non-state sector.

He also stressed that during the 8th Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba, updating the economic model was evaluated in-depth, and 201 new guidelines were approved.

Meanwhile, he highlighted the achievement of Cuban science with its vaccine candidates against Covid-19, amid an iron economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by Washington and the scarcity and limitations of resources caused by the pandemic.

Regarding the latter, Gil detailed that in the area of health, the island allocated more than 300 million dollars for investments related to the acquisition of PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) diagnostic tests and the operation of laboratories.

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