CRITICAL ZONE: Children's Choirs and Values for Life

CRITICAL ZONE: Children's Choirs and Values for Life
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9 June 2023
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We live in times of an overwhelming tidal wave of information, in all areas of human activity, and of course in culture, art, and literature. Are we really aware of the quantity and quality of music that children may have access to? Especially now, when we are living through a permanent technological revolution. Hierarchical mechanisms are always necessary, and responsibilities are shared: the family, the school, the cultural institutions.

Children's choirs, which in Cuba make up an authentic movement, are part of the great commitment to training in values, training of taste, which is assumed by various institutions, organizations, and creators in Cuba, and in which cultural work in the community and especially in schools is essential.

We are not going to insist too much on the values promoted by children's choirs, we are not going to insist on their contributions to the training of future artists and audiences. This is one of the most valuable extracurricular activities available to children. It could even be integrated much more actively into the study plans themselves, it’s an analysis that must be done.

The truth is that the same conditions for the training of choirs do not exist everywhere, at least not choirs of proven artistic quality. But there are also hierarchies. There will always be choirs in the vanguard. What should be guaranteed is that the vast majority of interested children, and with relative aptitudes and attitudes, could live the experience of counting on choirs.

There are culture houses throughout the country, even in small communities. There lays the basis of this work. But it also has to do with the initiatives at schools, the work of instructors, teachers and assistants, to which family members could join.

A version of this comment was broadcast on the Cultural News of Cuban Television

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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