Combating crime is a priority of the Government of Cuba

Combating crime is a priority of the Government of Cuba
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29 February 2024
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Combating corruption, crime, illegalities and social indiscipline constitutes one of the fundamental objectives for the Government of Cuba to correct distortions and re-boost the economy in 2024.

In order to achieve this goal, Prime Minister Manuel Marrero emphasized, during a work meeting on Wednesday, in the capital, on the importance of unity, working from the communities and strengthening integrality.

The head of Government reflected that “a tougher hand is needed, we need to crack down on softness, the lack of demand, the lack of control in factories, warehouses, wherever the resources are, and we also need a strengthening of cadres”.

Marrero highlighted that preserving security, order and tranquility is a purpose that requires citizen participation and government structures at all levels. He also stressed the importance of acting firmly in all areas of the economy to contain and reduce crime, and insisted on the need to strengthen cohesion, demand and comprehensiveness in confrontation actions so as to preserve social well-being and promote respect for legality.

The prime minister highlighted the permanent work of the Ministry of the Interior and justice in close connection with the people.

Deputy Prime Minister Ramiro Valdés emphasized that the causes and conditions of crimes in the communities must be addressed, and warned that there is a lack of cohesion in fighting crime and illegalities. “We have experience in adressing crimes. We must carry out the actions on the blocks, where all the revolutionaries are,” he stated.

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