China and Brazil agree on possible solution to Ukraine crisis

China and Brazil agree on possible solution to Ukraine crisis
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27 May 2024
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Dialogue and negotiation are seen today by the governments of China and Brazil as the only viable solution to the crisis in Ukraine, for which they support a peace conference.

This was reflected in the six common understandings reached here this week by the head of China’s diplomacy, Wang Yi, and Celso Amorim, the special advisor to Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who held an in-depth exchange of views on the issue.

The document on the political settlement of the Ukrainian crisis calls on all parties involved to respect three principles for de-escalating the situation: no widening of the battlefield, no further fighting, and zero provocations from either side.

It also stresses the need to create conditions for the resumption of direct dialogue and pressure to defuse the situation until a comprehensive ceasefire is achieved, as well as to convene an international peace conference at the appropriate time that should be recognized by Russia and Ukraine, with equal participation of all parties and a fair discussion of all peace plans.

Another understanding reached was that efforts should be made to increase humanitarian assistance to the relevant regions and prevent humanitarian crises from growing, and attacks on civilians or civilian facilities.

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