Chile's opposition forces demand resignation of military police chief

Chile's opposition forces demand resignation of military police chief
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3 October 2020
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All opposition forces in Chile are demanding the resignation of the director of the Carabineros (Chilean military police), General Mario Rozas, after a young man was pushed off a bridge into the Mapocho River by an officer.


The incident, in which the 16 year old was seriously injured in the middle of a demonstration in this capital, renewed criticism of the violence with which the police institution acts against participants in protests.

The case has become more controversial due to contradictory statements by the carabineros and videos circulated in social networks.

Although initially senior officers of that force rejected the accusations, later they admitted it was a 'regrettable accident' in the middle of a police procedure, and today General Enrique Monras, head of the Western Metropolitan Area of Carabineros, said that the young man 'lost his balance' when a policeman tried to stop him.

He also said that the military policeman involved will remain in administrative functions in his unit while the investigation lasts.

From the opposition the demands are radical and the president of the Regional Social Green Federation, Jaime Mulet, said that the high command of Carabineros has no capacity, nor authority to begin a restructuring process in that institution.

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