BRIEF CHRONICLES: Learning how to draw Coti

BRIEF CHRONICLES: Learning how to draw Coti
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21 March 2022
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Decades ago, every Saturday on Cuban Television, Cecilio Avilés taught children how to draw. They were lessons taught in the then Revista de la Mañana TV program. On a blank piece of paper, the cartoonist sketched a simple line; it could be, for example, a number 8. And from there, Cecilio created a simple drawing.

One day he showed how to draw one of his most emblematic characters: Coti. And the first stroke was a letter C. That was the starting point for the curved beak; then the eyes, the head, the plume feathers, the wings, the tail... On Monday, several children brought their drawings of Coti, and some taught others the steps to draw the little bird.

Cecilio Avilés was the father of the most popular black cartoon and animated hero in Cuba, a child like any child who lived unique adventures with his pet. He encouraged the imagination of entire generations, he had fun teaching. My drawings of Cecilín and Coti must be stored somewhere. I also learned to draw criminals from comics. And many years later, as an adult, I played with my nephews to draw a parrot from a letter C.

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