Beijing universities toughen measures in response to Covid-19 cases

Beijing universities toughen measures in response to Covid-19 cases
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7 September 2022
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Beijing, Sep 7 (Prensa Latina) Universities in Beijing, apply stricter sanitary measures to prevent the propagation of Covid-19 in a large-scale, after detecting at least 18 cases in some universities.

The institutions require students and teachers to report their health condition, location and temperature on a daily basis, but they also advise that those who return from other provinces avoid eating in a group and perform PCR tests on a daily basis.

The University of Chemical Technology resorted to online classes, suspended all collective activities and sealed the buildings the place of residence of the infected.

The local government is also vigilant because some 230,000 students and teachers from academic centers must arrive at the municipality in the next few days, and it will prohibit the return of those who come from regions that have exhibited cases of Covid-19 in the last week.

The Covid-19 outbreaks since last March have persisted in China and forced more than 65 million residents in 33 cities to be placed under varying degrees of confinement.

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