Also Preventing from the Door

Also Preventing from the Door
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1 July 2023
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Accidents caused by electric motorcycles that catch fire have already caused a lot of pain.

For this reason, it’s worth insisting, remembering, stressing and as many similar verbs as possible, regarding the suggestions made by the Cuban Fire Department Headquarters to prevent fires in those electric motorcycles with gel or lithium batteries.

An assessment done three years ago - and which continues to be valid because events of this type have increased - on the causes and conditions of these unfortunate events showed that, mostly, they happen due to the use of chargers not suitable for batteries containing lithium, also for leaving them at room temperature before starting to charge them or start riding.

They also detected among these causes the elimination of the original electrical safety devices, the use of improper adaptations and the use of lithium batteries manufactured by people who do not have the necessary certification or authorization.

Therefore, it’s essential:

It’s known that the necessary spaces do not exist with the conditions and controls to park and charge these media, hence it is indicated not to stop supervising the charging process.

Putting those motorcycles to charge, leaving them and going to sleep or leaving the place without being aware, is a risk.

As it’s, and up to now it has not been sufficiently insisted on, locating these vehicles blocking the entrance or exit of placse, especially if it is a house with a single exit.

Whether it’s a house or an apartment building or other premises, it’s an imperative requirement to prevent this from happening at all costs so that there are no painful and unrecoverable costs to regret, including human lives.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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