Mafalda to Come Out in Braille

Mafalda to Come Out in Braille
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19 December 2016
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Buenos Aires, Dec 19 (Prensa Latina) The cartoon book of Mafalda, the world renowned, lively, inquiring girl created by Argentinean painter Joaquin Lavado ''Quino'', will be edited for the first time in Braille. The blind will then be able to know the witty and funny remarks of the wise girl who is concerned about world peace, humanity, thanks to an agreement signed by ''Quino'' and the National Secretary for Children, Youth and Family.

The edition in Braille that will come out next year under the name 'Discovering Mafalda' will be distributed throughout Argentina and given to more than 30 institutions. The initiative was announced on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the National Braille Publishing House and 'Libro Parlante' (Talking Book).

'Quino' created the cartoon book featuring the funny black-hair girl with her inevitable bow in the hair, who is committed to the world and hates the soup, 52 years ago and he first published it in the 'Primera Plana' (Front Page) magazine.

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