At Least 4 Injured in 1st Day of Pamplona's Sanfermines Running of the Bulls

At Least 4 Injured in 1st Day of Pamplona's Sanfermines Running of the Bulls
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7 July 2016
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MADRID, Spain - At least four people were injured on Thursday in the first San Fermin running of the bulls that featured wet streets, many falls, and some very tense moments.

Around 2000 participants ('mozos') sprinted down the 875 meter course in front of six charging bulls and six tamed bulls that weighed between 510 and 630 kilograms (1120 and 1390 pounds).

Several were injured when the bulls did not notice a slight curve to the left and charged straight ahead into a dozen mozos who had fallen to the ground and were disorientated and trying to get to their feet.

The heavy rains that lasted until an hour before the run made the streets traitorously slippery and caused many falls from the moment the starting rocket was fired.

The run itself was quick and smooth, lasting 2 minutes 28 seconds, and was spearheaded by a group of four bulls that sped ahead of the rest, splitting the herd in two which always makes the run more dangerous and exciting, though this time there were no negative consequences.

The bulls' speed combined with the large crowds and wet and narrow streets made it difficult for mozos to stay out of the beasts' way, though only four mozos needed to be transferred to a hospital with traumas.

One mozo made a grave mistake when, after falling right in front of a bull, he immediately tried to get back up instead of staying still on the ground, which placed him right in front of bull's horns.

Despite the many distractions in the form of falls, crowds, and a man running in his underwear, the bulls did not spare the slightest threatening glance at mozos, preferring to keep their heads low and storm ahead.

The run began with mozos singing to Saint Fermin and ended at the Monumental bullring, where the bulls will face matadors in a traditional fight Thursday afternoon.

The festivities will continue until July 14, and will feature daily bull runs and bullfights.

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