Aragon orchestra welcomed in Senegal

Aragon orchestra welcomed in Senegal
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12 June 2014
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This activity was attended by Cuban Ambassador in this nation, comrade Jorge León Cruz and diplomatic attaché Mayra Nieves, the Venezuelan Ambassador in this country and a group of members from the Bolivarian mission, several personalities in Senegalese culture and the French cultural institute, the Cuban community residing there, the Deputy vicepresident and members of the Senegal-Cuba Friendship Association (in Spanish, ASENECUBA).

This outstanding orchestra of Cuban music, which opened Saint Louis Jazz Festival on the night of June 4, played well-known and very promoted themes broadcast everyday on the local radio and television.

This ambassador orchestra of Cuban culture in Senegal has built a renown legacy, where charanga and son music still make dance thousands of followers.

The stylist of the eternal cha-cha-chá and the charanga, a living legend of Cuban music and its best hits of this tropical rhythm, is the delight of its faithful Senegalese fans.

Translation: Roxana Marquez Herrera (Cubarte

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