New York and Havana Cities are United by Art

New York and Havana Cities are United by Art
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27 October 2014
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This exhibition includes 29 works in black and white that refer to buildings and landmarks of the New York City, through the visual representation of the Havana space. These pictures include references to iconic places of the northern metropolis such as Times Square or Central Park City.

"The main goal of this series was, starting from important referents of New York city, searching its counterpart here in Havana and transport people to the American city through these images ", explained the author of this creative proposal.

According to Julienne López Hernández, curator of this exhibition, NYC 1950 helps us to get close to a cultural space par excellence, in which Juan Manuel Cruz clearly shows his desire to make visible Cuban environment on the basis of the American referent.

Translation: Kelsi Car (Cubarte)

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