Taylor Swift will appear as a key advisor on The Voice

Taylor Swift will appear as a key advisor on The Voice
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3 October 2014
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In August, the show announced that Swift would join the show as a "guest advisor," just like Coldplay's Chris Martin did last season. But now, Swift's role has grown.

She will now be a "key advisor" on the show, meaning that she will appear on more than one episode and probably not do a lot. In theory, she will advise contestants on stage presence, vocal technique, and picking the right songs for their vocal ranges. Swift might have chosen to appear on the show because her songs are a contestant favorite. In 2013, she made a surprise appearance on the show before contestant Michelle Chamuel performed "I Knew You Were Trouble."

This is, obviously, a great publicity move. Taylor will appear on The Voice on October 27 (the same day her new album 1989 drops), October 28, and November 3. Other advisors for this season include Stevie Nicks, Gavin Rossdale, Alicia Keys. But do any of them have a pop album destined for No. 1 in the works? No? I didn't think so.

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