Banjul, Havana mull stronger ties

Banjul, Havana mull stronger ties
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26 May 2014
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Cuba and The Gambia have committed themselves to strengthening bilateral cooperation as Banjul and Havana mark the 35th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations. Local newspapers quoted a statement issued by The Gambian Embassy in Cuba to celebrate relations as saying that relations with Havana have grown from strength to strength.

The Cuban deputy foreign minister Rogelio Sierra, during a ceremony in Havana marking the anniversary, stressed Cuba’s solidarity-oriented vocation and its commitment to Africa, a continent that contributed to the formation of the Cuban nation.

Sierra thanked The Gambia for its support of Cuba’s struggle against the US economic blockade and for the release of Cubans imprisoned in American jails.

Meanwhile, Gambian ambassador to Havana Masanneh Nyuku Kinteh stressed Cuba’s contribution to training personnel and its cooperation in the areas of health, education, agriculture, sports, among others.

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