Cuban president reaffirms willingness to resist US hostility

Cuban president reaffirms willingness to resist US hostility
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28 February 2020
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Havana, Feb 28 (Prensa Latina) President Miguel Diaz-Canel on Friday reaffirmed Cuba's will to resist the US aggressions, in the face of a new action by Washington to restrict remittances to the island.

The president described the suspension on Wednesday, by the Western Union remittance company, of those financial transfers to Cuba, except those issued from the United States as another measure against the Cuban people.

This is how the empire performs, with total arrogance and contempt, but nobody's gonna stop us, Diaz-Canel posted on his Twitter account, where he put a link with a note about the issue published by Granma newspaper on Friday.

This is measure 191 the administration of Donald Trump has imposed on the Cuban people with the aim of provoking discouragement and despair, so that this results in holding the revolutionary authorities responsible for the effects caused by its unilateral measures, Granma stated.

That company had announced last month it could lose its ability to operate transactions destined for the island 'due to unique challenges of the service that sends remittances from countries outside the United States to Cuba.'

As part of Washington's measures, Cuba has suffered fuel shortages since September 2019 when the normal cycle of tanker operations broke down, as a result of the US harassment against shipping and insurance companies.

Along these lines, the White House has implemented sanctions to Cuban companies such as Cubametales and Corporacion Panamericana S.A, for their purchases of energy carriers, among other actions.

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