Diaz-Canel recalls Fidel Castro's thought on Cuba and Venezuela

Diaz-Canel recalls Fidel Castro's thought on Cuba and Venezuela
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1 February 2020
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Cuba's President Miguel Diaz-Canel recalled Fidel Castro's thoughts on the historical ties between Cuba, Venezuela and their heroes.

On Twitter, the president cited the leader of the Cuban Revolution by stating Simon Bolivar was the man Cuban National Hero Jose Marti most looked up to.

Bolivar, Venezuela and its people were always what Cubans most admired. Bolivar, Venezuela, its people and its deeds always inspired my dreams of a Latin American revolutionary, Diaz-Canel reviewed Fidel Castro's thoughts.

Cuba and Venezuela maintain close relations and Havana has reiterated that it will not destroy those links, which Cuba considers to be principles, as the US government intends the country to do.

Washington maintains a policy of hostility against both Latin American countries, with an escalation of punishments and blockade measures with the aim of subverting the constitutional order in Cuba and Venezuela.

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