Cuba Calls Conspiracy to Attribute Alleged Attacks to Russia

Cuba Calls Conspiracy to Attribute Alleged Attacks to Russia
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12 September 2018
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Cuba has called today a conspiracy the insinuations published in the United States that Russia would be behind alleged health incidents with U.S. diplomats in this capital, called by Washington ''attacks''.

The NBC article lends itself to dangerous play. To insinuate conspiracies of third countries in Cuba without evidences or foundation, citing sources without names and inventing intrigues', wrote in his Twitter, the General Director of the US at Cuban Foreign Ministry, Carlos Fernandez de Cossio.

The official reiterated that on the island no diplomat is attacked, 'from any country and by any country'.

NBC blamed this conclusion on intelligence agencies investigating the events, although without naming sources and under the argument of interception of communications.

According to Fernandez de Cossio, this is an irresponsible and malicious version, and above all, lacking credibility.

It's fair to ask why NBC lends itself to such a dangerous game, investigations by Cuba and U.S. law enforcement officials discard the use of weapons, he said.

From the United States, the term 'attacks' has been used to explain alleged health problems, including brain damage, of 26 diplomats, a scenario which served the administration headed by President Donald Trump to escalate hostility towards Cuba, dismantling the bilateral rapprochement that Barack Obama began.

First they tried to argue that the attacks were sonic in nature, but in the past few days the microwave thesis has emerged.

Cuba denounces the political manipulation of the issue with the clear purpose of hitting even more the ties between the two countries and insists on its willingness to collaborate with research linked to total scientific rigor.

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