US: counter-revolutionary madness

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US: counter-revolutionary madness
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6 October 2020

The most recent economic attacks and other US’s deceitful maneuvers against Venezuela and Cuba have an unmistakable electoral stench.

The 29 electoral votes in the US state of Florida are certainly decisive to win a tight election like the one which seems to be occurring today, and Trump is trying to win, no matter how, the far right votes of large Venezuelan and Cuban communities residing in America. The phenomenon of behaving without the most elemental ethics to attract some votes is actually common in the US policy, especially when elections are on the horizon. That is why people talk about “the October surprise,” which stands for a military action usually executed in the previous month leading up to the elections held in November with the purpose of unifying the nation around its president and thus winning an important stock of votes, casted basically due to fear.

Something new in the Trump administration is the degree of despair and usually, amateurism, with which actions to lure votes are carried out to the point that some would spark laughs, except that most of them —economic strangulation and armed and terrorist actions, as in the case of Venezuela— lead to crimes against humanity especially in times of a pandemic. Cuba experienced the bloody terrorism of the CIA and some of the counter-revolutionary organizations under its protection for decades. Discussing this at a greater depth, the case of this mogul and his closes allies illustrates the profound and irreversible moral, political and economic crisis in which the US imperialist system is gripped, as well as the institutions watching over “democracy” in that country. Meanwhile, there is an emergent civil war among major political and economic power groups which are not only vying for a presidential election, but also for the control of the definitive course of the imperialist ship in the most critical juncture in US history. Nothing more evident of the aforementioned crisis than the first presidential debate held between Trump and his Democrat rival Joseph Biden. I should also add that Trump’s uncontrollable and compulsive obsession of being four more years in the White House —no matter how— has strongly influenced the billionaire’s behavior. His entourage also has the same goal. They are mad about remaining in government either for business reason or aiming at driving their far right agenda nationally and internationally.

In Pompeo’s most recent Anti-Venezuela and Anti-China tour, the Secretary of State instigated the newly elected presidents of Surinam and Guyana against Venezuela while fueling violence in Brazilian and Colombian borders with the Chavista nation. Violent actions carried out by criminal and paramilitary groups —rejected by the National Bolivarian Army Force— are frequent in the area and all have resulted in victims among Venezuelan soldiers. Simultaneously, the shameful report on human rights from the “Independent International Fact-Finding Mission,” brewed by the stinky Lima Group, stabbed the back of Venezuela and was contrary to all the actions carried out in Venezuela —with all guarantees— by a group of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. In those days, members of the Bolivarian law-enforcement bodies captured a foreign agent at service of the MVM enterprise engaged in espionage and involved in the preparations of terrorist acts against oil refineries, power grids, and other major objectives. These actions aimed to increase irregular warfare against Venezuela and exacerbate once again international heavy attacks against the Bolivarian Revolution. It also paved the way for the staging of a perfect storm to justify any terrorist action and a major attack against its territory. The main goal of all these actions is to impede, or at least undermine, the strategic parliamentary elections to be held on December 6th in the South American nation.

Meanwhile, Washington was beaten hard in its quest to prevent Cuba from being member of the Executive Committee of the Pan American Health Organization. Similarly, Trump hurt the chances of those few Americans who could still travel to Cuba by banning the possibility to find accommodation at any state-owned hotel, attend events or buy Cuban rum and cigars, which made virtually impossible for US citizens to travel to Cuba.

Something must be crystal-clear. Despite the electoral opportunism, the collapse of the Cuban and Venezuelan Revolutions is among the top priorities of the US foreign policy and its subversive and intelligence bodies. Several top-secret documents declassified by CIA, the Pentagon, and other agencies prove it. It is becoming more evident in the imperialist rhetoric.

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